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Fwd: Daily Quran and Hadith ,Zil Hijjah 11, 1434 October 16, 2013


Assalamu'alaikum Wa Rahmatullah e Wa Barakatuhu,












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****People oppose things because they are ignorant of them****

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Eid Mubarak to ALL!!! (Plus Scam Alert!)


Fraud Alert: Scammers Posing as IRS!!!
Follow this email's guide to protect yourself!!

CAIR Florida has received two complaints in the last week from members of the Muslim community that have been victim to FRAUD attempts. Please read the below email carefully and spread to everyone on your email list please. These individuals targeting our community and are professionals.


What is going on?


Members of our community are receiving phone calls from people claiming to be Federal Agents that work for the IRS/FBI. These fraudsters are claiming that your taxes were filled incorrectly and the IRS has issued an arrest warrant for you. They offer an immediate settlement option to avoid arrest. They say the IRS is willing to settle the 25,000 fine, arrest and penalties for 3,200.00. They will instruct you to go purchase a money order and send it to a PO Box. Warning, these fraudsters know personal information and are very convincing. They have fooled Certified Public Accountants into believing they are in fact Federal Agents. 


Who are they?

We don't know exactly, they are claiming to be Federal IRS and FBI agents. What we do know is they are not any form of Law Enforcement, and a professional fraud company targeting Muslims and possibly other immigrants for money. Here is the information we know so far.

Names Given-  James Morgan, Carl Cooper

Phone Number given - (202) 540-9331

Why are they doing this?

To steal money  




Where are they calling from?

We don't know exactly, the 202-540-9331 number they call from is most likely a false number created by a computer program and sent to your phone when they call. They even made it appear that a Local Police Department called with a warrant for arrest if they didn't pay.



When did this happen?

We have received two complaints in the last week. Its happening now !!!


How are they getting your personal Information?

We don't know.


What should you do?

1. Spread this email to everyone on your contact list.


2. If someone calls and attempts to use this scam Hang Up, They will most likely call back, just keep Hanging Up, contact your local FBI office or report it to Crime Stoppers in your area. FBI would be the better agency since these fraudsters are claiming to be Federal Agents.   

FBI Miami

16320 NW 2nd Avenue
North Miami Beach, FL 33169-6508
Phone: (305) 944-9101
Fax: (305) 787-6538
E-mail: Miami@ic.fbi.gov

Crime Stoppers  954- 493- 8477

FBI Tampa
5525 West Gray Street
Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: (813) 253-1000
E-mail: tampa.division@ic.fbi.gov 



3. Please contact CAIR Florida as well; we document the complaint and track the progress of Law Enforcement. We want to keep you informed. We understand that some members of our community may be apprehensive to report it directly to Law Enforcement, you can report it to CAIR Florida as well ( you will remain anonymous), we will pass the information along to the FBI.


CAIR Florida

Tampa Office
8056 N 56th Street
Tampa, FL 33617
Phone: 813-514-1414

Miami Office 

1601 N Palm Avenue Suite 203

Pembroke Pines, FL  33026

Phone :954-272-0490


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CAIR-Tampa | 8056 N 56th Street | Tampa | FL | 33617

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