Friday, 10 January 2014

{ISTABA} Make Dua for 23 yrs old Aly Ahmad, passed away in Jordan





January 10th, 2014


وفاة الشاب علي ربحي أحمد بالأردن

من سكان تامبا

Br. Aly Rebhi Ahmad

Passed away in Jordan

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

"Help ye one another unto righteousness and pious duty. Help not one another unto sin and transgression"      [Quran 5:2]

January 10th, 2014


Asalamu Alaikum,

It saddens our hearts to announce the death of our 23 years old Brother Aly Rebhi Ahmed (originally from Silwad, Palestine) and resident of Tampa, Florida for many years.

We will inform you once he is burried and there will be A'zaa (condolence) at Masjid Al-Qassam to be announced later inshallah.


Until then, please keep him in your prayers. May Allah forgive his sins and grant him Jannatul-Firdaous.

ِAly Rebhi AHmad is the son of Sr. Kefaya and nephew of Br. Raafat Ahmad, Fuad Ahmad, and Yahya Ahmad.



Jazakumullahu Khairan



السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

يؤسفنا أن نبلغكم وفاة الأخ الشاب علي ربحي أحمد (23 عاماً) بالأردن والذي توفاه الله اليوم 10 يناير 2014 وهو من سكان تامبا. نسأل الله سبحانه وتعالى أن يتغمده برحمته وأن يغفر له، ويدخله فسيح جناته ويلهم أهله الصبر والسلوان. المرحوم - بإذن الله - ابن أختنا الغالية كفاية أحمد وأخواله رأفت أحمد (أبو سلام) وفؤاد أحمد، ويحيى أحمد (أبو ابراهيم) وجميعهم من سكان تامبا وأخواننا الكرام المشهود لهم بالخير

سوف نرسل رسالة أخرى نخبركم فيها بمجلس العزاء بمسجد القسام ان شاء الله، وحتى هذا الوقت ودائماً نرجوكم ألا تنسوه ولا موتى المسلمين من دعائكم


جزاكم الله خيراً




Some Practical Reminders


Surah 2 Al-Baqara, Ayat 155-156] And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sâbirun. Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "Truly! To Allâh we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.". They are those on whom are the Salawât from their Lord, and receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided-ones.


Du'as from holy Qur'an for Parents & Offspring:


[Surah 2 Baqarah, Ayat 128-129]

[Surah 14 Ibrahim, Ayat 40-41]

[Surah 17 Al-Isra, Ayat 23-25]

[Surah 25 Al-Furqan, Ayat 74]

[Surah 26 Al-Shuara, Ayat 83-85]



Du'as from- the holy Qur'an:


Hadith: Allah's Messenger said: "Whoever attends the Janazah until it is finished, will earn one Qirat, and who ever stays until the burial, will earn two Qirats. Someone asked: What a Qirat means? The Prophet (pbuh) answered:' It means rewards as big as a great mountain" (Bukhari & Muslim).


Hadith: On the authority of Suhaib, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported as having said: "How wonderful is the affair of the believer, for his affair is all good, and this applies to no one except the believer. If something good happens to him, he gives thanks and that is good for him, and if something bad happens to him, he bears it with patience, and he will be rewarded for that, so everything that Allah has decreed for the Muslim is good" (Muslim).


Hadith: According to an authentic hadith: "The greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. When Allah loves a people He tests them. Whoever accepts that wins His pleasure but whoever is discontent with that earns His wrath" (At-Tirmidhi).


Al-Hasan Al-Basri (may Allah bless his soul) said, "Do not hate the trials that befall you or the calamities that happen to you, for they may be something that you hate but it leads you to salvation, and there may be something that you love, but it brings to you your doom."

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