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CAIR Florida Hiring Paralegal

We are hiring a paralegal to help our attorneys fight discrimination.
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Paralegal Job Description


Areas of Practice: 


Civil Rights, Employment Discrimination, Law Enforcement Harassment, Naturalization Delays, School Bullying, Border Delays, and Public Accommodations

Skills and Education Requirements: 
To successfully perform the required duties as a paralegal, it is imperative that you have certain skills and personal abilities. The most significant skills are strong organizational abilities with an eye for detail and effective time management to meet important deadlines. Effective communication skills with superiors, subordinates and most importantly with clients, are essential. A legal assistant must be aware of the local, state and federal filing rules, elementary legal procedures, and legal terminology. Other necessary skills that are required is the ability to grasp new concepts for quick learning, good comprehension and writing abilities, and proficiency while using computers and other necessary equipment such as fax machines, copiers and work related software. The minimum educational qualification required to become a legal assistant is a high school diploma, along with relevant experience or formal training.
 The paralegal's job includes providing assistance to the attorneys. The main legal assistant responsibilities are as follows. He/she researches old cases, investigates facts related to the current case, prepares legal forms. A legal assistant is not allowed to provide legal advice to clients. A legal assistant has to review case records, gather necessary data and update the case progress. Depending on the study and analysis of the cases, he/she gives oral presentations and also prepares case reports.

Given below is a list of legal assistant duties:
  •  Assist attorneys in devising, proofreading and executing legal documents that include EEOC charges, TRIP complaints, motions, appeals, incident reports for clients, complaints, subpoenas, and summons.
  • Required to keep records of case files and other important document
  • Follow-up with pending court cases, by keeping a track of the latest court decisions and introduction of new laws that may affect the case, and assess legal publications for the same.
  • Aid attorneys by collecting and organizing client information such as their employment status and records.
  • Take notes in important meetings such as legal hearings and client meetings and interviews and maintain relevant records.
  •  Taking care of client documentation by filling out forms such as those pertaining to incidents of discrimination and records requires. 
  •  Other duties include maintaining necessary correspondence with clients by keeping them informed about the latest developments regarding the case, and sending across necessary documents via e-mail, fax or post. Communicate this information to the relevant subordinates, colleagues and superiors.
  •  Compiling, verifying and categorizing data.
  •  Scheduling appointments, receiving and making telephone calls, drafting and typing office memos, obtaining detailed fact summaries of cases, and other administrative duties.
  •  Preparing and updating case list weekly. 
  • Monitoring and calendaring case deadlines.
  • Analyzing available data and suggests some of the best solutions to solve a problem or case.
Application Process:
Please email a cover letter, resume, unofficial transcript, and current legal writing sample to:



Salary range based on education, skills and experience

Paid vacations and holidays



Important Note:


Base of employment will be in Central/Tampa Florida.  






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