Monday, 30 December 2013

What if we did not CAIR?

Leading the Fight to Preserve Liberty
Standing for Justice and Understanding!

We are at 80% of our 2013 Fundraising Goal! Just $60,000 needed to reach 100%!
If you have given in 2012 but not yet this year, can we count on you to
match last year's donation to keep us just as strong!?

Imagine a world without CAIR-Florida...

It would be a world where hundreds of victims of discrimination, harassment, and hate crimes every year would have no access to free legal representation.

It would be a world with increased Islamophobia and unchallenged hate-speech.

It would be a world without a team of lawyers and professionals dedicated to working tirelessly to represent and defend our community and our liberty!

In the last year, CAIR has been cited in the media more than 6,300 times. In the last 90 days,
our voice representing the Muslim community has reached 6,000,000 viewers! We have helped hundreds of victims of discrimination and made it clear that discrimination will not go unchallenged in Florida!

CAIR-Florida is a leading voice of the American Muslim Community! We are here to ensure a that a balanced image of our faith and community is represented and to serve as a shield to protect our community against harassment and discrimination. We are the community's only legal safety net!

Moreover, we have evolved into a premier civil rights organization that protects the rights of all Americans to ensure America remains free for all people.

Islamophobes are spending over $80,000 a day to counter our message and promote fear and hate of Islam and community!

However, with justice on our side, we only need $60,000 to reach our year end fundraising goals and ensure we can maintain and grow the free services we offer the community! As God promises, each dollar spent for a good cause is multiplied many times!

If everyone reading this email contributes just $100, we can reach our goal!

Please go to to send your end of year 2013 contribution to help us reach our goal! All donations received before Wednesday will count towards your 2013 tax deductions!

Click here to read our annual report or watch the video below to see the work you help make possible!


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