Thursday, 7 November 2013

[karachi-Friends] New Islamic Year Begins

 Islamic New Year Begins
Another year has gone. As an Urdu poet has put it:
                       There is a dawn and a sunset  every day.
                       The age is lost as a meaningless continuity of day & night!

But there is a significance for Muslims this year. Passing of 1434 Hijri  indicates that out of  1500 years  of age of ummate Muslimah, only  66 years now remain.  Professor Amin Jamaluddin of AlAzhar university has  written a book " Age of Muslim Ummah" which has been  translated into Urdu by Dr. Asrar Ahmad's Tanzime Islami. Ustaz Jamaluddin says that prophet Muhammad SAW had used the metaphor of day for indicating age of  Muslim Ummah. A day of heavens is equal  to 1000 years of  this world. Allah had granted  one day to Muslim Ummah which He later extended by  half day. That is age of Muslim ummah is 1500 years. Of these 1500 years 1434 years have passed and only 66 years remain. If we deduct 7 year  rule of Imam Mehdi  and 40 years of hazrat Isa (AS) (Jesus Christ), then  only  19 years remain in the end of time. From 19 years, if we deduct 7 years of rule of infidels after death of hazrat Isa,  only 12 years  remain in end of time! So it is time to wake up, dear brothers & sisters in Islam.
The world has been given to Jews from January 1, 2013 so as to test patince of us Muslims.
Please don't  be mislead with the talks of  those clerics  who say only  Allah knows  when  Day of Judgment  will occur. When clock was not invented, nobody could tell how many hours  and minutes remain in dawn. But when dawn is close it is very easy to know it from light on horizons.  Prophet Muhammad SAW has informed us of many Signs of Day of Judgment:
1.        Return of Jews to  holy land.
2.        Islam will be alienated
3.        Corrupt rulers will rule Muslims.
4.        Growing shamelessness and moral decadence
5.        War against Iraq and blockade of food  and medicines
6.        War on Syria and blockade of food and medicines.
7.        Return of Imam Mehdi
All these signs have occurred and today's  world is  literally depicted in this verse of holy Quran:
                                                                                          (Prophets: 1)

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