Wednesday, 13 November 2013

[karachi-Friends] KHUSHOO IN SALAT.

A new Muslim woman tells how to achieve khushoo (God Consciousness):

Khushu means full concentration towards Allah during your prayers. Try to follow the following advice of how to perform salat. Hopefully if you learn to concentrate towards the words of Allah in Quran with full understanding their meanings, you will develop Khushu:

Minds of all of us wander during our Salats. Thinking about improving our concentration during Salat is itself a sign of higher level of Eiman. Following are my suggestions for you. It works for me and those whom I taught my method to concentrate during Salat wrote that it helps them too.

First of all you not only memorize the Arabic text of Surahs from Quran what you are recite during your Salat YOU MUST also learn meanings of Saurah Al-Fatiha in which you talk to Allah. So you talk to Allah from the bottom of your heart with full understanding of what you are saying to Allah. Same way you must understand true meanings of Ayahs of Quran which means you understand what Allah is saying to you also.

Secondly when you perform Salat by yourself alone in your closed room, raise your voice so you can hear yourself. It will block other thoughts coming into your mind during your Salat, This will help you concentrate in your recitation of Quranic Ayahs and you will be conscious of what you are saying to Allah.

If you can do this you will notice that hair on your hands and body will rise, some times a wave flows from head down towards your feet, some times your body will shiver a little understanding the meanings of what you recite. Best thing that you will experience is that tears start coming from your eyes. Believe me then you have established contact with Allah and He is close to you, hearing you and accepting your slat with smile.

If this happens to you even once a week you are doing good and Allah may reward you Jannah as long as you stay away from sinning of any kind.

Remember Allah forgives your minor sins with every Salat you perform, with every hair of your body rise in joy of your prayers and for every tear that drops from your eyes during your salats.

Prophet SAW used to take few seconds between the two Sujuds and never rushed into going in second Sajdah. Once Sahabas questioned Prophet SAW whether he makes some dua between two Sujuds when he sits up after first Sajdah. Prophet SAW replied, yes I say  "Astaghfirullah min kulle zambi wa a tube Eleh".

Prophet SAW once said Allah SWT will throw Salats of some people back on their faces who make two Sujuds during their Salats like chicken quickly pick grains from ground. Many men do not even fully sit straight and quickly go into second Sajdah.

We all commit minor sins even without knowing ourselves and Angeles keep writing in our book of deeds. If you make a habit of saying this little dua between two Sujud, think how many times you do Istaghfar to Allah for your minor sins during five daily prayers. You will have no sins left in your record if you make it a habit of saying this short prayer that takes only a second or two.

May Allah guide us all on to the straight path of Islam

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