Monday, 4 November 2013

[karachi-Friends] Daily Qur'an & Hadith 05 Nov 2013 (30 Zhu'al-Hijjah 1434)

English Translation of Al-Quran

[26].Surah Ash-Shuara [The Poets]

Ayat 136. They said: "It is the same to us whether you preach or be not of those who preach.

Ayat 137. "This is no other than the false-tales and religion of the ancients, 

Ayat 138. "And we are not going to be punished."

Ayat 139. So they belied him, and We destroyed them. Verily! In this is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers.

Ayat 140. And verily! Your Lord, He is indeed the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful.

Tafseer of Ayat 136 to 140. They said: "It is the same to us whether thou admonish us or be not among (our) Admonishers! "We are not going to attend to you whether you preach to us or not." The construction of the second clause, "or be not among our admonishers" is a rapier cut at Hud, as if they had said: "Oh yes! we have heard plenty of admonishers like you!" See the next verse. "This is no other than a customary device of the ancients, They said, as many of our modern enemies of religion say, "you are only reviving an ancient superstition, a dope of the crowd; there is no such thing as a Hereafter, or the sort of punishments you announce!" "And we are not the ones to receive Pains and Penalties!" So they rejected him, and We destroyed them. Verily in this is a Sign: but most of them do not believe. And verily thy Lord is He, the Exalted in Might, Most Merciful.

English Translation of Hadith  

Hazrat Talhah bin Ubaidullah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: At the sight of the new moon (of the lunar month), the Prophet [SAWW](PBUH) used to supplicate: "Allahumma ahillahu `alaina bil-amni wal-iman, was-salamati wal-Islam, Rabbi wa Rabbuk-Allah, Hilalu rushdin wa khairin (O Allah, let this moon appear on us with security and Iman; with safety and Islam. (O moon!) Your Rubb and mine is Allah. May this moon be bringing guidance and good).''

[At-Tirmidhi Hadith # 3451].

Lesson : After sighting the moon, one should recite the prayer which was recited by the Prophet [SAWW](PBUH). The prayer cited in the text of this Hadith is one of them. Welcome Hijri year 1435 with this Dua.  


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