Tuesday, 26 November 2013

{ISTABA} Islamic Relief USA - Super Typhoon Haiyan - Philippines Emergency

Salaam Brother Mahmod,

Here are some factors about the Philippines emergency. please shear it with the board.


·         Typhoon Haiyan struck the central Philippines on Friday, 11/8/13.

·         One of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded.

·         Winds of nearly 150 mph with gusts up to 170 mph (up to 200 mph in the town of Tacloban) drove huge waves into villages and cities. Many homes and buildings were much too weak to withstand the storm. 

·         Houses were flattened, schools destroyed and the airport badly damaged.

·         In Cadiz City, for example, about 5,000 houses and nearly all corn and sugar crops were destroyed. (UNOCHA)

·         NBC reported that the town of Tacloban, with more than 220,000 residents, was "almost completely submerged by waves of up to 40 feet in height."

·         "From the shore and moving a kilometer inland, there are no structures standing," the country's interior minister Mar Roxas said. "It was like a tsunami."

·         Officials had evacuated almost 800,000 residents to emergency shelters before the storm hit. Some buildings used as evacuation shelters reportedly collapsed and killed the evacuees who had taken refuge there.


·         11.3 million people are affected. (UNOCHA, Nov. 12)

·         A total of 673,042 people were displaced as of Nov. 12. The majority are staying in 1,217 evacuation centers. (UNOCHA)

·         Many storm survivors -- having escaped drowning or the collapse of buildings -- are still struggling to stay alive.

·         Thousands of people are feared dead. Some areas are holding mass burials. "We have so many dead people," Remedios Petilla, an official in Leyte said, according to NBC News. "We don't have bags, bags for the dead."

·      Hospitals were overwhelmed with injured people, and many medical supplies quickly ran out. At St. Paul's Hospital in Tacloban, there is a sign saying: "No admissions. No supplies." Without electricity, workers used headlamps for light as they performed emergency first aid on injured people. A doctor told CNN: "We just can't keep going. There's just no supplies."

·         Roads were blocked with tons of debris and bridges were washed out, making it harder for people to get the things they need, and harder to determine the actual toll of the typhoon.


·         Islamic Relief 's worldwide teams are already distributing aid in the Philippines.

·         Islamic Relief USA's Disaster Assistance Response Team Manager William Lea, based in the Virginia headquarters, also has arrived on the scene to help with the relief effort.

·         Islamic Relief USA's goal is to send $1 million in relief.  


     Please help us in spreading the word in the community and encouraged them to donate for the people of Philippines.     

      Jazak Allah Khiar 


      Alaeddin Hadiah | Development Coordinator| Islamic Relief USA |

9385 North 56th St, Suite 301 - Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Direct: 813 280 0561 

Mobile: 407 288 7264


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