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[PF:170765] Hilarious Pakistani Signboards............


'Funny signboards in Urdu' is a large collection of carefully selected funny signboards. These extremely funny signboards in Urdu depict a true picture of Pakistan in a humorous way. It will hopefully provide good enjoyment to the fun starved masses through funny signboards.
How Will 'Khala' Agree?  Please do study hard, otherwise your Khala (aunt) will not allow you to marry her daughter and your parents will  have to find your bride out of the family.
Funny Signboards in Urdu- You have to get educated to marry your cousin. funny signboards.
Funny Poster: Dog Fight
Funny Posters; Dog Fight Poster - Funny signboards in Urdu
Family Cabin for Student Biryani. Look at the arrow. Is this family cabin in the gutter? Must be pretty cool in scorching summer!
Funny signboards in Urdu-Family Cabin for Student Biryani. Funny Signboard.
Abbu Channa, Aaloo Channa. Their next item will be Ammi kachaloo.
Funny signboards in Urdu-Abbu Channa, Aaloo Channa. Funny signboard.
Drink Lipton Tea & Clear Your Mind
Funny signboard in Urdu-Drink Lipton tea and clear your mind. Funny signboard.
Kabul Fried Chicken (KFC). A new franchise in Pakistan? Would you like to taste it?
Funny signboard in Urdu- KFC or Kabul Fried Chicken?. funny signboard.
Announcement for the Thief. Thief has already stolen clothes and shoes from two different rooms. He is now being asked to take the cap as well to complete his gear for his Jumma prayer. Will he accept this challenge?
Funny signboard in Urdu-Announcement for the Thief. funny signboards.
Family Planning Vow. No second kid, till the first attains school going age.
Funny signboard in Urdu-Family planning. Funny signboards.
'Don't Stand Here, You Can be Hit by a Bullet'. Nobody would abide till he reads the second line.
Funny signboards in Urdu- 'Don't stand Here. you can be hit by a Bullet'-Real Funny signboards.
Reject Turncoats (Lotas) & Thugs. Independence greetings to everyone except the thugs and turncoats.
Funny Signboard in Urdu- Independence Day Greetings to all except Lotas (Turncoats) and Lutayras (Thugs). Funny signboard.
Hot Bathroom
Funny signboard in Urdu- Garam Hamam (Hot Bathroom). Funny signboards.
Madina Hair Salon
Funny Signboards in Urdu: Madina Hair Salon. Very Funny signboards.
Slaves of America 
Funny Signboard in Urdu-Slaves of America.Very Funny signboard.
Complete Course from Nursery to FSc in Just 60 Days. Ever child is intelligent by nature, so it is not difficult for Al-Habib School and Academy, Islamabad to accomplish this task.
unny signboard in Urdu: Complete course from Nursery to FSc in 60 days- Real funny signboards
'Yahan Koora Mut Phankain' (Don't Litter)
Funny signboards in Urdu-  'yahan koora mut phankain' (Don't litter). Real Funny signboard.
Funny Signboard in Urdu-Udhaar (credit) will be given only to a person between 80 to 90 years of age. Funny signboars.
No Chance of Getting Credit
Funny signboard in Urdu-No Udhaar (Credit) till Sheikh Rashid's Marriage.Very Funny signboard.
No 'Chatni' (Sauce)
Funny signboard in Urdu-No Chatni (sauce) with Rs.5 pakoras. Very Funny signboards.
Funny signboard in Urdu: Rent-a-weapon, bandooq (rifle) for Rs.10.Very Funny signboard.
Mardan's F-16 'Niswar'
Funny signboard in Urdu: F-16 Niswar from Mardan, whole sale and retail.Very Funny signboards.
Nisar Charsi Tikka Sheesh MahalIf Nisar Charsi shifts his business from tikka selling to Chars selling, he may become a business tycoon.
Funny signboard in Urdu: Nisar Charsi (Junky) tikka, any other charsi is Number 2. Very Funny signboards.
Love 'Qulfi'
Funny signboard in Urdu: Mohabat Qulfi (Love Ice Cream).Very Funny signboard.
Desi McDonald's
Funny signboard in Urdu: Desi Pakistani MacDonald's.Very Funny signboards.
Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore
Funny signboard in Urdu: Students not allowed in Bagh-e-Jinnah (Garden) during School/College Timings.Very Funny signboard.
No-Date Park
Funny signboard in Urdu: No Date in this Park before Nikah (Marriage).Very Funny signboard.
Rent-a-Groom & Bride
Funny signboard in Urdu: 'Subhan Allah,Rent a groom and bride'. Very Funny signboard.
Bone Treatment Centre in Hafizabad. Falling in  uncovered Gutter will break one's bones which will be treated on the spot.
Funny signboard in Urdu: Bone treatment Centre in Hafizabad. Very Funny signboard.
Easyload, Don't Argue, Sell Your Mobile Phone
Funny signboard in Urdu: Easyload, Don't Argue, Sell Your Mobile Phone. very Funny signboard.
Ad on a Public Toilet. 'Sab kar do'.
 Funny signboard in Urdu: Ad on a Public Toilet (Latrine) 'sab kar do'. Funny signboard.
Laptop Shahbaz Sharif Ka 
Funny signboard in Urdu:'Laptop Shahbaz ka, Vote Imran Khan ka'. Funny signboard.
Atom Bomb 'Sri Paye'Atom Bomb 'Sri Paye' of desi bakra.
Funny signboard in Urdu: 'Desi Bakray kay Atom Bomb Sri Paye'.Very Funny signboard.
Chicken Spare Parts are Available
Funny Signboards in Urdu-Murghi (Chicken) kay Spare Parts are available.Very Funny signboards.
Chicken-Murghi is Available
Funny signboard in Urdu: Chicken-Murghi is available. What is Chicken Murghi? Very Funny signboards.
Achaanak Sindhi Biryani
Funny Signboard in Urdu: Achaanak (Sudden) Sindhi Biryani.Very Funny signboards.
Sell Clothes, not Ghairat
Funny signboards in Urdu: Kapray baicho, ghairat nahi (Sell Clothes, not honor). Funny signboards.
 Eid Mela. Sale! Sale! Sale! The owner of Jaazab Cloth House is repeatedly informing his customers about this Eid Sale as per his promise. He is even keeping his shop open on Sunday for the convenience of shoppers. He seems to be a nice fellow.
Funny signboard in Urdu:'Eid Mela, Eid Mela, Sale, Sale, Sale!'. Very Funny signboards.
Laawaris Gali
Funny signboard in Urdu: 'Welcome to Laawaris Gali (Street)'. Very Funny signboards.
Lift Warning
Funny signboard in Urdu: Lift Warning: Check if lift is there or not.Very Funny signboards.
This Nation is Sleeping
Funny signboard in Urdu: Low Horn, Qaum (Nation) sleeping.Very Funny signboards.
Makhan Autos
Funny signboards in Urdu- Makhan Autos, Is it an Auto Shop or Dairy shop? Very Funny signboards.
3 in One; PCO, Organic Eggs & Oil Change
Funny signboard in Urdu: 3 in 1: PCO, desi eggs and Oil change.Very Funny signboards.
Cruel Rulers
Funny signboard in Urdu: Cruel Rulers sitting in Air Conditioned Places. Funny signboards.
From London to 'Amreeka' in Rs. 5 Only
Funny signboard in Urdu: From London to 'Amreeka' in Rupees 5 only. Funny signboard.
Haji Paraishaan Machine Dealer
Funny signboards in Urdu : Haji Paraishaan Machine Dealer. Very Funny signboards.




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